Ep. 15 – BONUS: Law Panel – Genova Burns Partner Rajiv Parikh, Murphy for Governor Senior Policy Advisor Parimal Garg, Vinay Limbachia

We have a special episode this week, which is actually a panel discussion for those interested in pursuing a legal career. We have an amazing panel of accomplished leaders in their field who have a background in the law, including our very own New Jersey Leadership Program Director of Programming, Vinay Limbachia. Vinay has served[…]

Ep. 14 – Brown Girl Magazine Founder Aditi Mehta

Many of you have probably heard of Brown Girl Magazine, the online publication that focuses on the South Asian youth diaspora in the United States. The all volunteer staff write about everything from Culture to Beauty and Style to Entertainment, and now even have a “Brown Boy” section. They feature articles such as “Bollywood’s Unfair[…]

Ep. 13 – Freeholder Shanti Narra

Today we sit down with someone that has had many “firsts” in her electoral career. Shanti Narra is a Freeholder in Middlesex County, in which she was the first freeholder of South Asian descent in New Jersey, as well as being the first female South Asian elected when she was a councilwoman in North Brunswick[…]

Ep. 12 – WNYC Reporter Arun Venugopal

We turn the tables and interview Arun Venugopal, a reporter at WNYC. He’s also a host of Micropolis, in which he helps to examine race, sexuality, and identity. Arun is also a regular contributor to NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and has previously been published in The Wall Street Journal and The Guardian.[…]

Week 4 – Following Our Dreams

By: Anika Madhusudhan Politics is a word with many definitions. The word doesn’t mean the same thing to different people. Some people have a disdain for it, whereas others thoroughly enjoy everything about it. To me, politics meant shady backroom deals and smiles that would quickly turn to scowls as soon as you have your[…]

Week 3 – Mr. Seetamraju Goes to Washington

By: Varun Seetamraju When I got back home in the early hours of the morning last Saturday, I remember my Mom asking the usual parent question: “What was the highlight of your trip to Washington, D.C.?” We had just completed a grueling but exhilarating day trip to our nation’s capital, to learn about the inner[…]

Ep. 11 – Lieutenant Colonel Kamal Kalsi

We sat down with a true American hero—Lieutenant Colonel Kamal Singh Kalsi, who made history to become the first Sikh in more than a generation to serve in the United States military with his articles of faith intact, including with his beard and dastar (or turban). He began his active duty in June of 2010[…]